Drew Bradshaw

Drew Bradshaw

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit since 2013

CF-L1 since 2015

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CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

Growing up, I played baseball, soccer, and hockey. After separating from the Navy, I began playing soccer again. When I stopped playing, home-cooked meals, two small kids, and inactivity caught up with me quickly. I needed to get back to being active to lose some weight. During my last Navy deployment, I learned about CrossFit and had been employing the same approach as a Command Fitness Leader for my detachment. I found the closest CrossFit gym and opened the door to fitness for the rest of my life.

Turning Point

Every day, I see examples of people that chose to "slow down" too early in life. I don't envy the position they have put themselves in. I'd like to push slowing down out as far as possible. I want to spend the rest of the years I have enjoying life and feeling like I have the capacity for anything!

Motivation & Passion

"I am a goal oriented coach. Everyone's goals are different. I like to know why YOU are here and what YOU want to get out of yourself. I feel like I can offer the best mix of motivation, guidance, and teaching when I am able to understand your ""Why"". That is not to say that I won't push you a little; personal growth is what we are all here for! If you are nervous about getting started, or setting goals, lets talk! I am in this because I love seeing the look of success on your face when you leave the gym feeling accomplished. It's my mission to put you in a position to do exactly that. "

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